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Event Rules

Members of Country/Region Heritage required: 15 (Includes 2 staff)
Maximum roster: 22 players
Maximum staff members: 5

All players must complete a player registration form before they will be permitted to be listed on any final roster. Any participant with missing information will not be allowed to participate in the Youth Nations Cup until the said information is provided.


This process is to ensure the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee has heritage declarations on file as well as the participant’s waiver, acceptance of the Canada Soccer Association Codes of Conduct and Ethics, and other participant-specific acknowledgments. This database will be maintained in confidence by the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee.


Teams must have permission from the player's team and Club to participate in any YNC team activities. The only exception is where training occurs outside of the player's playing season (i.e., the season has ended). The Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee reserves the right to fine teams that are not in compliance with this requirement and/or pass on any fines assessed by any governing body as a result of proper process and procedures (BCSA Rules) being followed.  


Round Robin with playoff elimination


Game Duration

  • a) All games are 2 x 40-minute halves with a 10 minute halftime

  • b) Any games ties in the knockout stages will go straight to penalty kicks

  • If, after both teams have taken five kicks from the penalty mark, both have scored the same number of goals, or have not scored any goals, kicks continue to be taken in the same order until all present and eligible dressed roster players have each taken a penalty kick until one team has scored a goal more than the other from the same number of kicks


Game Behaviour

  • No foul language

  • Non-taunting goal celebrations are encouraged and will not result in yellow cards

  • Zero tolerance for verbal, physical, or expressive abuse of officials.


The Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee in its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right to punish, sanction, suspend or disqualify in any way it sees fit any player, coach, manager, or team deemed to have breached or deemed to have had others breach on their behalf, in any way, any rule, roster requirement, game requirement, Codes of Conduct and Ethics or to have been found to have falsely listed any information on any team roster or individual registration form or in any way circumvented or breached the spirit and intent of the Youth Nations Cup.

Any and all discipline, whether as a result of an incident or incidents on or off the field of play (or a combination of both), will be dealt with by the Youth Nations Cup Committee, at its sole and absolute discretion. Whenever practical, the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee in its sole and absolute discretion will attempt to provide all parties a chance to be involved in the hearing or other decision-making process. Discipline decisions will be made by a Discipline Committee appointed by the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee. All attempts will be made to ensure that said Discipline Committee is free of bias or other conflicts of interest with respect to the matter.

Discipline hearings will not be held for dismissal/red card offenses, the standard sanction will be an automatic one-game suspension. There is no appeal with respect to the decisions of the Discipline Committee as it relates to past, current or future Youth Nations Cup events.

Please note that the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee may appoint a Discipline Committee to deal with all matters or incidents, whether or not they occur within the tournament venues, should the Youth Nations Cup Committee, or its designate(s), in its/his/her sole and absolute discretion, feel that such a matter or incident negatively impacts the spirit, legitimacy or perception of the past, current or future Youth Nations Cup events.

As a sanctioned event, any and all disciplinary matters and relevant decisions will be reported to BC Soccer. All Youth Nations Cup participants may be subject to additional discipline by the BC Soccer Association or the Canada Soccer Association. Such additional discipline is outside of the control of the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee and is required, pursuant to the BC Soccer Association Discipline Guidelines, to be forwarded directly to BC Soccer for review and adjudication:

  • Misconduct involving the alleged physical or verbal assault of a game official.

  • Misconduct by game officials, coaching staff, spectators.

  • Breaches of the Codes of Conduct and Ethics

  • Individual or Team expulsion from the Youth Nations Cup; and

  • Discipline matters that required a hearing


Any and all disputes between players and their team or between tournament teams will be immediately forwarded to the Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee who will make a final and binding decision with respect to the individual player or team(s). Be aware that disputes arising after the Roster Submission Deadline may be subject to a tournament fine.


  • All teams must have matching Home and Away jerseys in different country colours, with numbers on the back of each jersey.

  • The team’s country name or logo must appear on their jerseys.

  • Matching shorts and socks are required.

  • Teams failing to have proper uniforms will be subject to a fine and will not be able to participate in any Youth Nations Cup event/game until the fine is paid.

  • All uniforms and their logos/sponsors must be approved by the Youth Nations Cup Committee.


Anyone on the field or in the bench area prior to, following, or during a game, whether it be staff or players not playing (e.g., injury), must always be dressed in Nation team attire with lanyards representing their team information visible.


All fines are applied to the Youth Nations Cup Tournament. All teams must put forward a $200 team bond at the time of roster submission. Any fines applied will be drawn from the team bond and any fine(s) above the team bond will be owing to the Youth Nations Cup Tournament within seven (7) days of the tournament's final date. Failure to pay fines in full, in the timelines required, will result in a team losing its place in the tournament the following year.


  • Any forfeit of a game $200 fine to the team that forfeits

  • Cases of egregious misconduct of teams, players, spectators, and team officials, up to $1,000 per incident at the discretion of the Youth Nations Cup Tournament

  • Failure to be properly attired as a team, up to $200

  • Failure to conduct the pre-game handshake in a sportsmanlike manner, up to $500 for each case

  • Failure to produce ID for any/all players and team officials for any game when requested, up to $250

  • Withdrawal of committed team after submission of full team tournament fees, up to $1,000 per team 

What people are saying:

"I am incredibly excited to play for my parent's home country and represent my heritage this summer!"


- Jaspreet

"I can't wait to play with new teammates and wear the colours of Italia!"

- Gabby

"As a player in the adult Nations Cup tournament every year, this is my opportunity to give back as a coach and continue the tradition of pride in playing for my home country"


- Carl

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