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Terms of Reference

Eligibility - All Players qualify through:

  • Country of birth

  • Parentage

  • Grand parentage

  • Citizenship



Accepted groups will have an opportunity to field a maximum of 2 teams per gender. (i.e., Italy could field an Italy North and an Italy South).

The tournament will not allow a competing group within the same accepted country to field a 2nd team unless there is an extenuating circumstance(s) and/or it is agreed upon by the Youth Nations Cup Tournament Committee.


Players can ONLY play for one team in the event. No player is permitted to play without first submitting an Expression of Interest. Players who have previously played for a YNC team in a prior tournament are "team tied" the next year (i.e. if offered a spot on the team you last played for, players cannot choose to participate with another team). 


Regions of the world can be considered as a group. (i.e., “Africa” or instead of "England" can be "United Kingdom"). 


Rosters with proof of eligibility will be required to be submitted in advance of the tournament. 


The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make a final and binding ruling on player eligibility. 

A player’s commitment to a youth team does not have any bearing on which adult team they participate with in the future. Once entering the adult tournament they will be expected to satisfy that adult tournament’s eligibility rules and TOR which may differ from the terms of written of this youth tournament. There is no guarantee playing in the Youth Nations Cup will lead to a space on an adult tournament team in the future.

Last updated: March 1 2024

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